Next year, I’m going to be conscious, intentional, and critical about the books I choose to buy and read. Because I like measurable goals (and because I think vague “try harder” goals are fairly worthless for me), I’m going to ensure that at least 50% of the books I read next year are written by POC. And I’m going to talk about those books, to rate and review them, to share them with others. …

It is important to learn about and talk about the wider systemic, institutional problems with racism in publishing and society in general. But I cannot be an ally without examining how my own personal choices are reinforcing the oppression I profess to oppose, and then changing those behaviors.
- More than 200,000 exclusive books were added to the Kindle store in 2013.
- 150 Kindle Direct Publishing authors each sold more than 100,000 copies of their books in 2013.
- Kindle Direct Publishing authors sold hundreds of thousands of books in November through the new Kindle Countdown Deals.
A few data points, among a multitude released by Amazon today in their annual holiday press release, measuring the pace of self-publishing’s forward march.  (via jasonashlock)
The holidays can be a depressing time. Everybody knows this. But knowing something—simply recognizing it—does not necessarily solve the problem … what we’ve always found helps relieve our misery is, well, company. But not company like other real-life people. No, company like other people in books.

From ”5 Depressing Pieces of Literature About Dysfunctional Families to Get You Through the Holidays” via Brooklyn Magazine.

See also, Desperate Characters by Paula Fox… and, well, nearly every other book I’ve ever read. What are your picks?

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The Middlesteins might also be great this time of year, especially if your family fights about food.

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